Daily Prayers for June 15

In 1955, twenty-nine -people were arrested in New York City for refusing to participate in a civil defense drill requiring all citizens to take shelter from a simulated nuclear attack. “We refused to take part in the war maneuvers, if you can call them that,” wrote Dorothy Day, who was among the pacifist resisters. Civil defense drills were discontinued six years later when the annual protest in City Hall Park drew a crowd of thousands.

O Lord, let my soul rise up to meet you

as the day rises to meet the sun.

Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit,

as it was in the beginning, is now, and will be forever. Amen.

Come, let us sing to the Lord : let us shout for joy to the Rock of our salvation.

Song “What Wondrous Love”

O Lord, you have been our dwelling place : through every generation.

Psalm 78:1 4

Hear my teaching, O my -people : incline your ears to the words of my mouth.

I will open my mouth in a parable : I will declare the mysteries of ancient times.

That which we have heard and known, and what our forefathers have told us : we will not hide from their children.

We will recount to generations to come the praiseworthy deeds and the power of the Lord : and the wonderful works he has done.

O Lord, you have been our dwelling place : through every generation.

Deuteronomy 30:1 – 10 Acts 8:14 – 25

O Lord, you have been our dwelling place : through every generation.

Ignatius of Antioch said, “Take heed, then, to come together often to give thanks to God, and show his praise. For when you come frequently together in the same place, the powers of Satan are destroyed, and his fiery darts of sin fall back, worthless. For your unity and harmonious faith prove his destruction, and the torment of his assistants. Nothing is better than Christ’s peace, by which all war, both of heavenly and earthly spirits, is brought to an end.”

Prayers for Others

Our Father

God, set our hearts on you alone, that we might not be distracted by the schemes of the devil but race on with all of our being to receive the gift of life that never ends, through -Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

May the peace of the Lord Christ go with you : wherever he may send you;

may he guide you through the wilderness : protect you through the storm;

may he bring you home rejoicing : at the wonders he has shown you;

may he bring you home rejoicing : once again into our doors.

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