At a Warm Place (or The Furnace)

Come to a warm place in this house,
Come in the name of Christ.
My heart and I agree,
Welcome in the name of the Lord.

There is a fiery power
In the gentle heart of the Spirit.
Our hearts are agreed
As we kneel by the hearth, and call on the Sacred Three
To save, shield and surround
Us and our kin,
This house, this home,
This day, this night
And every night,
Each single night.

Alternative/additional prayer:
God who is called “the Name,”
You came to Moses in a burning bush
and warmed his face with glory until it glowed.
May our source of heat warm our bodies
Until our faces shine.

Help us to restrain from overuse of heat
For you came to Moses in a burning bush
The flame of which did not consume the bush.
May our true light and heat
be the lamp of your commands and words.

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