In The Kitchen

I would welcome the poor and honor them.
I would welcome the sick
In the presence of angels
And ask God to bless and embrace us all.

Seeing a stranger approach,
I would put food in the eating place,
Drink in the drinking place,
Music in the listening place,
and look with joy for the blessing of God,
Who often comes to my home
in the blessing of a stranger.

We call upon the Sacred Three
To save, shield and surround
This house, this home,
This day, this night,
And every night.

Alternative/additional prayer:
The bread of life,
When broken
Fills the kitchens of the world
with divine presence.
We come to recognize Jesus
In the breaking of the bread.

Fill us with the bread of life
That we might never hunger again.
The true bread of life is your Son,
Because his bread is every Word that proceeds
From the Maker of the Universe.
Help us to digest that bread from heaven
And become one with you.

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